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sdf400 type test multi-disperser

sdf400 type test multi-dispersing machine using foreign technology design of new products, which focus on the mixing, sanding, distributed multiple functions in one device is the best laboratory equipment laboratory personnel.
constant speed of the electronic circuit device, a digital direct display shaft speed, and with a dispersing impeller and leaves sanding plate can adapt different laboratory test requires, the display can be directly calculated by stirring shaft speed, dispersion, sand relationship with the linear speed of the blade grinding material between the viscosity and the chemical reaction rate, the correct data for the large-scale production.

the main technical parameters
1, motor type: μ400-80/220 400w 220v 100-8000r/min
2, speed range: constant stepless speed 100-8000r/min
3, mixing and dispersing impeller diameter: φ60mm φ50mm
4, sanding disc diameter: φ60mm φ45mm
5, the down stroke: 250mm
6, dimensions: 450 × 500 × 800mm

1, the machine adopts biaxial constant lifting system, lifting convenient.
2, using series wound commutator motor, motor speed control through intelligent instrument for the implementation of variable speed motor. application of digital pid technology, high control accuracy, digital direct display shaft speed.
3, the impeller and dispersed with a sand leaf disks connected directly to a threaded shaft.
4, held hostage by the left and right pair of fixed barrel, cylinder jacketed structure, cooling water, made of stainless steel processing.

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